Dot Matrix  →

3 weights

Inspired by the typographic grid system on a digital roadside information board; 'Dot Matrix' is a functioning and recreational type project made in Glyphs.

BMB London

Brand conception
Design collateral

Working closely with senior management, I helped develop a reconsolidated ‘human centric’ brand identity for BMB. Consisting of a new logo, colour palette, animation style and graphic elements applied over business cards, website design and layout styles.

Poster series
420 x 594mm

Responding to a brief about silence, this project aimed to create an abstracted representation of cinematography. By intermittently photographing the ambient light emitted from my screen whilst a film was playing - then making a contact sheet from these pictures; I was able to suggest a film’s mood, length and storyline, without showing it.

60+ objects

Over the past few years, I’ve actively acquired a collection of graphical interesting items. This project is the categorised, colour coded, narrated, labelled and scanned culmination of those best found items.


1 weight

A live and reactive version of Radim Peško’s typeface ‘Mercury’. Discoved by chance by looking at the visual, intermitent calculations generated in program ‘Stipplegen 2’.