3 weights

Inspired by a road side information board; Dot Matrix is a functional, recreational and ongoing type project designed in Glyphs.

Poster series
420 x 594mm

Responding to a brief about silence, this project aimed to create an abstracted representation of cinematography. By intermittently photographing the ambient light emitted from my screen whilst a film was playing - then making a contact sheet from these pictures; I was able to suggest a film’s mood, length and storyline, without showing it.

56 pages

My thesis set out to illustrate the thought that goes into the design of things we don’t necessarily think about; namely information design, with Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert’s road signage system acting as the cornerstone case study.


Animated 6 Sheets
1.2 x 1.8m

Delicately put by creative team Ben and Alex “we got a camera with a really, really long lens and set out to remind everyone how mind-blowingly amazing honey is.” My responsiblity was to design and animate a series of posters from the hero shots featured in the TVC.

Animated films
32, 34s

Two films designed and animated for Canadian maple syrup brand - Buckwud. Acting as the vanguard for their social media brand launch, both revolve around a Canadian, ‘Sorry’ motif.